The Test of Competence Exam Process

What to expect on the day


The test takes approximately three hours. 

Getting here

Please allow plenty of time to travel to the competence test centre. Click here for travel information.

Before you arrive

Prior to your arrival at the NMC Competence Test Centre please ensure you have completed the following:

  • Watched the online briefing video
  • Completed the Confidentiality agreement and Declaration
  • Completed the Health Declaration
  • Completed the NMC ID Document Form. You are required to bring only the documents listed on this form. These are used to complete your NMC ID verification check on the day of your OSCE.

When you arrive

We will check the documents that you are required to bring.

Your photograph will be taken and stored on our database.

We store your photograph so that we can prove that you are the person we saw in case of identity theft.

Please see the NMC website for further details.

Your belongings

You will be asked to store your belongings in a small locker before moving to the waiting rooms.

Please avoid bringing bulky clothing.


Friends or family

We do not have room to allow friends or family, including children, to wait for you while you are taking the OSCE.

Within the test centre

Once you have entered the competence test centre you will not be allowed to leave until the OSCE is finished.

Regulations, Appeals and Complaints

Candidate Regulations

The Summary of Regulations for Candidates document outlines the regulations which you are bound by during the exam. All candidates are expected to read these before taking their exam. Take time to read these exam regulations.

Candidate Appeals

Should you wish to appeal and have grounds to appeal, please download and fill out the attached document and return it to within 5 days of receiving your results.

Appeal Guide and Form Level 1


Should you wish to complain, please download and fill out the attached document and return it to 

General Complaints Procedure and Form